Rates & Fees

OnlinePayday.org is not a lender and does not make lending decisions. Our service is completely free, there is no charge to apply, get matched with a lender, or accept an offer. We work with more than 100 direct lenders and each will have different rates and/or fees. These rates, fees, and terms will be displayed to you before you accept any offer. You always have a choice to decline the offer and not accept their terms. There’s never any obligation to accept.

We can only provide a representative APR based on industry averages. It’s important to keep in mind that payday loans, cash advances, or any short-term loan are meant to be exactly that, “short-term”. Extending terms can drastically increase rates & fees. Please borrow responsibly. APR is an acronym for Annual Percentage Rate. That being said, what you see below is based on if the loan was extended for an entire year, and not repaid in two weeks. Also, this table would not include any late fees the lender may charge, so please keep that in mind. Displaying “APR” can be intimidating because these loans are not designed to be paid back over the course of a year, but just 2-4 weeks. Installment loans & personal loans generally have a lower “APR” and longer repayment term, below is related to payday loans only.

Source: https://www.responsiblelending.org/research-publication/map-us-payday-interest-rates